Stephen Roller selected to serve on State Committee

Stephen Roller
Stephen Roller

We are pleased to announce the Chief Clinical Officer of Primary Health Solutions Stephen Roller selected by the Ohio Department of Medicaid to Serve on the Community-Based Credentialing Committee.

Primary Health Solutions congratulates Chief Clinical Officer Stephen Roller on being selected by the Ohio Department of Medicaid to serve on the Community-Based Credentialing Committee. This committee has been set up as part of the centralized credentialing initiative, which will be taking back the credentialing functions from the managed care organizations and centralizing them at Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM). In this fashion, ODM will ease administrative burden on the provider community by removing the need to go through separate credentialing processes for MCO.

The Centralized Credentialing Committee is responsible for reviewing the history and qualifications of independently-licensed providers who wish to partner with Ohio Medicaid. Utilizing their expertise, they will give thoughtful consideration to the credentials of providers with past issues that may affect quality of care. The committee’s main purpose and mission is to protect members by ensuring they receive the highest quality of care possible.

Primary Health Solutions’ Chief Clinical Officer Stephen Roller was selected for this committee based on his experience with Federally Qualified Health Centers. He was also selected based on his extensive expertise with traditionally underserved populations.

About Primary Health Solutions

Primary Health Solutions is a non-profit, safety-net healthcare provider serving Southwest Ohio with health centers in Hamilton, Fairfield, Middletown, Oxford, Dayton and Trenton. Our approach to care is patient-centered. This means that with technology and our expanded resources we can, together with our patients, effectively coordinate healthcare needs. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services, on a sliding-fee scale, to all members of the community, regardless of income or insurance coverage. Due to their economic situations, many patients served by Primary Health Solutions would otherwise go without much needed healthcare.

In addition to services provided at our health centers, we operate several school-based healthcare centers, and a mobile dental office. Improving the health of children is a primary goal of our practice. Our school-based health centers provide access to health services during the school day, with transportation provided by the schools to and from appointments. This improved access to healthcare services results in improved health outcomes for the children served. The integrated health services that we provide include medical, dental, behavioral health and vision care. The mobile dental office is a 40 foot motor coach fully equipped with two dental operatories providing onsite dental care to children in the public schools of Butler County. School officials have advised that on-site dental care is resulting in improved student attendance and performance.


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