Mental and emotional health are as important as your physical health. In the same way that you wouldn’t put off going to the dentist if your tooth hurt, you shouldn’t put off seeking professional help when something is bothering you mentally or emotionally.  At Primary Health Solutions, we focus on caring for the whole person by providing integrated behavioral healthcare to individuals of all ages.

Integrated behavioral health isn’t just mental health supports.  It is a broader scope of care addressing how behaviors impact both physical and mental health.  We utilize Behaviorists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, and board-certified Psychiatrists to address a wide range of behavioral health concerns such as depression, anxiety, eating habits, and chronic disease.  Our providers use Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, focusing on current circumstances and future goals rather than past experiences.

You can receive confidential, comprehensive care from the comfort of your home with a virtual visit or in person at one of our health centers.  All Behavioral Health intake appointments for new patients will be done with one of our Behaviorists.

For more information or to get scheduled with one our behavioral health providers, give us a call at (513) 454-1111 or (937) 535-5060.

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