Patients of Primary Health Solutions will be contacted directly to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. All vaccines will be given in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the CDC and Ohio Department of Health.

Non-patient community members seeking vaccines should go to: to get scheduled for a community-based site near you.


Individuals who are symptomatic and require testing should call us to set up a virtual appointment with one of our Medical Providers who can then place an order for testing.

NOVEMBER, 25, 2020

Keeping our patients and staff safe and healthy is a priority.

Social distancing and masks are required at all of our health centers.  We have increased the sanitation of our health centers and virtual visit options are available.

COVID-19 testing is done by appointment only at our testing locations.  Any PHS patients who are symptomatic or have been exposed to a known positive and are in need of testing should call us to get scheduled for a virtual visit with one of our providers who will then order the COVID-19 test.

JUNE 8, 2020

As restrictions for healthcare organizations are being lifted across the state, we are beginning to resume some of our services that were previously on hold.  Please read the information below for our most recent updates.

Vision Appointments

We are now scheduling routine vision appointments are our centers.  If you are due or past due for a vision exam, please reach out to us to get scheduled.  This is especially important for our diabetic patients.

(513) 454-1111 | (937) 535-5060

Dental Appointments

We are now scheduling dental appointments.  If your appointment was cancelled due to COVID-19 please call us to get rescheduled.  We are also scheduling routine check ups for new and existing patients.

(513) 454-1111 | (937) 535-5060

COVID-19 Testing & Antibody Testing

We continue to offer Coronavirus testing weekly in the Hamilton/Fairfield, Middletown, and Dayton areas.  Call to schedule a virtual visit and get scheduled for testing.

In addition to continuing to offering Antibody testing at our Express Care locations, we will now be offering it at our Hamilton 2nd Street and Oxford locations [by appointment only].  Walk-ins are still accepted at our Express Care locations. In order to receive Antibody testing, patients must be symptom free.  

(513) 454-1111 | (937) 535-5060

Thank you for your patience as we navigate resuming normal operations. We are open and accepting appointments for both in person and virtual visits.  We are here and ready to meet your needs!

MAY 14, 2020

We are now offering Drive through COVID-19 testing in Fairfield, Middletown, and Dayton each week.  Testing is available to PHS patients and members of the community.  For questions or to schedule an appointment for testing, call us at (513) 454-1111 or (937) 535-5060. 

MAY 11, 2020

Effective Immediately:

Following the Governor’s guidelines and in the interest of protecting our patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting the number of patient visitors at our centers. 

Only individuals with appointments are permitted to come into the centers.  Children with appointments are allowed one parent/guardian to accompany them.  Individuals that need assistance due to a medical condition or disability may be accompanied by one adult support person. 

MAY 4, 2020

Primary Health Solutions is doing COVID-19 testing, and we want to make it readily available to you. We have set up a convenient, mobile drive through testing location. To qualify for testing, one must either have had an exposure to a known positive patient or be exhibiting ANY of the following symptoms:
  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Dry cough
Some people may experience:
  • Aches and pains
  • Nasal congestion
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhea

To start the process, please call our schedulers at: (513) 454-1111 and get scheduled for a telephonic pre-screening visit with a provider. PHS will coordinate with you to schedule the COVID-19 testing after completing your virtual / telephone visit.

MARCH 27, 2020


Medical and Behavioral Health Visits
We are still seeing patients for Medical and Behavioral Health appointments. Most of these appointments can be done virtually. If you are in need of care, please reach out to us to get scheduled.
Are you dealing with anxiety? Would you like to speak to one of our team members? Call us at: (513) 454-1111 or (937) 535-5060 to get scheduled for a Behavioral Health consultation today
Express Care Dayton Now Open
We are now offering Express Care Services, 7 days a week 11am – 9pm, at our Dayton location (300 Forest Ave.). No appointment is necessary and patients are seen on a first come first served basis.
Express Care providers are able to evaluate and treat minor conditions and facilitate a follow up appointment with the individual’s primary care provider. These providers can also order X-Rays, lab/blood draws and perform some minor procedures.
OB Appointments
We have recieved questions regarding OB appointments. Right now, all OB appointments are occuring as usual. We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safey and health of both patients and staff. It is important to continue prenatal care during this time, and we encourage you to keep your appointment. If you have questions about your appointment, please call us at (513) 454-1111.
Emergency Dental Services
All routine dental appointments have been cancelled until further notice. However, WE ARE STILL OPEN AND AVAILABLE for emergency dental services. If you find yourself in acuteevaluated for an emergency visit, please call us at (513) 454-1111 or (937) 535-5060 to get scheduled. We will be rescheduling all cancelled appointments when we are given approval by Ohio Department of Health to do so.

MARCH 23, 2020

For your safety, effective immediately, we are converting most patients to virtual visits and rescheduling non-emergency, routine visits for a later date. If you have an appointment scheduled we will be reaching out. We will have limited in-person appointments. Please call us at (513) 454-1111 or (937) 535-5060 if you need an appointment or if you have questions regarding scheduling. 

MARCH 19, 2020

Primary Health Solutions is not a COVID-19 testing site.  However, we are here to meet your healthcare needs.  All patients are being screened and systems are in place to protect you.  Please follow any directions that you are given during your visit.  

Most testing centers are requiring that the medical provider must make the appointment for testing.  Orders for testing will only be given to those who meet the criteria designated by public health officials.   Please know that we are working hard to serve you but the process may take some time. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  Thank you for choosing Primary Health Solutions, and for your flexibility in these unprecedented times.

MARCH 17, 2020

With the current coronavirus pandemic in Ohio, we are making tough decisions in order to keep our patients safe and in optimal health.
Effective today, we have made the decision to close our School-based Health Centers and consolidate our service locations.  In addition, we have cancelled all routine dental and vision care appointments at our centers. If you are in acute pain and need to be evaluated for an emergency visit, please call us at (513) 454-1111 or (937) 535-5060 to get scheduled. We will be rescheduling all cancelled appointments when we are given approval by Ohio Department of Health to do so. For any individual who recently ordered glasses – you will be contacted when they arrive and a fitting appointment will be scheduled at that time.  For individuals with medical appointments at our School-based Health Centers, please call us at (513) 454-1111 or (937) 535-5060 to get scheduled at an office nearby, or for a virtual visit. 
Please know that we are following all CDC and Ohio Department of Health guidelines. We are taking special precautions to clean and sanitize our offices throughout the day, every day.
In the interest of serving the needs of our medical patients, and protecting those with health risks who may need special precautions, we are launching our Virtual Visit Program. In this initial launch, for patients who qualify, we will be providing virtual visits that can be done from your mobile device or computer. Initially, we would like to offer these visits to individuals who have:
  • Fever of 100 degrees or above or fever symptoms
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Need for prescription refill authorization
  • Follow up visits for patients with chronic disease
If you are sick, or in need of the type of visit described above, please call (513) 454-1111 or (937) 535-5060 to speak to our staff. They will help you to get scheduled in one of our health centers or for a virtual visit.
We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you!